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What nft should i buy

2024-07-11 16:56

Abstract: Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have brought new life to collectibles, memorabilia, and art markets since they took the world by storm in 2021.

what is an NFT collection?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have brought new life to collectibles, memorabilia, and art markets since they took the world by storm in 2021.

By tokenizing real-world and intangible items using blockchain technology, NFTs have made it possible to transparently and immutably establish proof of ownership over anything.

According to recent data, tens of millions of people have already purchased these types of digital assets.

Many of these NFTs belong to a broader body of work, known as an NFT collection.

How do NFT collections work?

While each NFT is unique, many of the most popular NFTs are part of a larger body of work known as an NFT collection.

A single NFT collection can consist of many individual NFTs, in the same way Andy Warhol‘s “Campbell’s Soup Cans” series contains 32 different artworks.

Oftentimes, non-fungible token collections follow a particular aesthetic theme and include a wide variety of unique traits. Different combinations of traits allow creators to incorporate varying degrees of rarity throughout their NFT collections.

For example, the famous Profile Picture (PFP) NFT collection, CryptoPunks, consists of 10,000 different pixelated characters. Differentiating these characters are three tiers of traits: Punk type, attribute, and number of attributes.

Within the first tier, there are four Punk types. “Male” is the collection's most common Punk type, while “Alien” is the more rare type. Next, there are 87 different attributes.

These include clothing items such as tiaras, chokers, and welding goggles, as well as physical attributes like rosy cheeks and big beards. Finally, punks can have no attributes at all or as many as seven.

Crypto Punk #5822 is one of the rarest CryptoPunks in the collection. In addition to being one of only 9 Alien types, it also bears the ultra-rare bandana attribute. This combination gives the NFT a uniquely high rarity ranking.

Rarity ranking tools are something many NFT marketplaces offer to help prospective buyers easily identify how rare an NFT is within its associated collection.

How do you create an NFT collection?

Creating an NFT collection might sound daunting, but dozens of platforms now exist that handle every part of the process for you. The best part is, that no coding experience is required.

One Mint, NFT-inator, and UniqMyNFT are just a handful of example applications that allow people to create their own NFT collections without coding. These vary in price and complexity, but can be a good solution for those who want to launch a unique NFT collection fast.

It's important to remember that once you've created a collection, you'll need to store the metadata safely. Interplanetary File System (IPFS) is the most common system used. You can find the official IPFS instructions for NFT storage here.

Alternatively, there are decentralized storage solutions such as Storj or Sia that some holders also find effective.

Why NFT collections are important

NFT collections have emerged as a revolutionary and dynamic force within the digital realm.

In just a few short years, NFTs have transformed the way many people perceive, value, and interact with the collectibles market.

They are a way for creators to represent unique items that all fit within the united theme of a larger body of work.

As technology and the market evolve, it's likely artists and their communities will continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible with NFT collections.

Why buy or create an NFT collection?


Buying an NFT that belongs to a collection can be advantageous for many reasons. A key factor is access to its corresponding NFT communities.

Purchasing an NFT from a popular collection such as Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), VeeFriends, or Cool Cats, may provide access to unique owners-only communities.

NFT communities most often exist primarily as online forums for connecting like-minded enthusiasts, granting early access to new launches, and organizing in-person events.

Another beneficial factor is liquidity. Collections released by highly sought-after artists, major brand labels, or new up-and-coming talent can sometimes attract many prospective buyers and trading volume. For NFT holders trying to flip their assets for a profit, higher trading volume often makes it easier to find a new buyer for this digital asset.

NFT collections aren't just confined to digital art. Blockchain-based games, called play-to-earn games, also incorporate NFT collections. These collections often represent game items and characters that players use in the game. Purchasing these types of NFTs may grant players increased abilities and boost their revenue-generating opportunities.


For NFT creators, launching NFTs as part of a collection opens the door to several opportunities.

Beyond creative expression, the blockchain-based nature of NFTs can allow NFT creators to automatically receive creator earnings from secondary market sales of their works. By releasing large collections of NFTs, they stand to potentially earn from multiple secondary market sales, as opposed to relying on single NFTs to sell and resell.

NFT collections also invite a larger number of buyers into a creator's community. Different rarity levels can allow buyers with lower sums of money to access the collection. This factor may help boost interest in any future NFT collection launches, and encourage the creation of new community-driven utilities around popular collections.

Community-inspired merchandise centered around the collection, or holders offering unique promotional discounts on products or services to other collectors, are all examples of these additional utilities.

What is a rare token?

RARE is an Ethereum token that governs the SuperRare DAO, which oversees key platform parameters, allocates funds from the Community Treasury, and votes on proposed improvements to the network and protocol. The RARE token allows the SuperRare platform to be community-owned with diverse curatorial voices.

In the expansive realm of cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the concept of rarity holds a special allure. Within this digital landscape, “Rare Tokens” emerge as prized assets, coveted for their uniqueness, scarcity, and often, their intrinsic value.

At its core, a rare token represents a digital asset that possesses qualities or attributes distinguishing it from the vast array of tokens circulating in crypto space. Unlike fungible tokens, which are interchangeable and uniform in value, rare tokens stand out for their exceptional qualities, limited supply, or special features.

The allure of rare tokens lies in their scarcity. In a digital ecosystem characterized by infinite reproducibility, rarity adds an element of exclusivity and desirability. Whether it's a rare collectible, a limited edition artwork, or a unique in-game asset, rare tokens captivate collectors and enthusiasts alike, driving demand and establishing value.

Moreover, rare tokens often carry historical significance or cultural relevance, further enhancing their appeal. They may commemorate significant events, honor influential figures, or represent iconic moments in art, gaming, or pop culture. As a result, rare tokens transcend their digital form, becoming artifacts imbued with meaning and significance.

In the context of NFTs, rare tokens play a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of digital ownership and expression. They empower creators to monetize their work, offering a means to establish provenance, authenticity, and ownership in the digital realm. Collectors, on the other hand, are drawn to rare tokens for their investment potential, aesthetic appeal, and the thrill of owning something truly unique.

What are the nft companies?

OpenSea: One of the largest NFT marketplaces allowing users to buy, sell, and trade various digital assets including art, collectibles, and virtual land.

Rarible: A decentralized NFT platform enabling users to create, buy, and sell NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, as well as participate in platform governance.

SuperRare: An Ethereum-based digital art marketplace specializing in showcasing and selling unique digital artworks by various artists.

Foundation: An invite-only NFT marketplace supporting emerging digital artists by providing a platform for showcasing and selling their NFTs.

Decentraland: A virtual reality platform built on the Ethereum blockchain where users can buy, own, and trade virtual land and assets as NFTs.

CryptoKitties: A digital collectibles game allowing users to buy, breed, and trade virtual cats, each represented as a unique NFT.

Axie Infinity: A blockchain-based gaming platform where players can collect, breed, and trade virtual creatures known as Axies as NFTs.

Enjin: A blockchain-based gaming development platform providing tools and services to help game developers create and manage NFT assets.

cool nft art

Just as the wider art world sees trends come and go, NFT styles are also subject to rising and falling in popularity.

Thanks to new artists constantly emerging and new technologies challenging conventions, it can be hard to keep track of what‘s current - and what’s yesterdays news.

With this in mind, weve selected some popular NFT trends to look out for.

Pixel art.

Did pixel art ever really go away? Beginning with the early computers of the 70s and 80s, this fun style has outlived the machines it was originally designed on and now made it to the world of NFTs.

Requiring very little of those looking to get to grips with the art form, but offering excellent depth to those who want to flaunt their talent, NFT pixel art is experiencing something of a renaissance. The video game community in particular loves this throwback to classic characters and experiences.


For some, the world of NFTs already feels like science-fiction. Unsurprisingly then, futuristic styles are proving to be incredibly popular among fans of the art form. Whether its humanoid avatars, chromatic landscapes or abstract shapes that resemble the front page of a sci-fi novel, the future is here to stay.

3D styles.

Today‘s artists are using 3D modeling to create things previously unheard of and, as technology develops and software improves, it’ll become much easier to create it. Today, you can observe 3D art and its influences in all corners of the NFT art world.

upcoming nft

10 Best NFTs to Buy in 2024

1.TG.Casino – Best NFTs to Buy with Exclusive Casino Benefits and Credits

The TG.Casino NFT collection is made by TG. Casino – a new crypto casino that operates on Telegram. TG. Casino offers hundreds of different casino games that can all be played with crypto.

Each TG. Casino NFT increases your staking rewards and casino benefits when using the Telegram-based gambling platform.

The High Roller NFT collection offers a tiered level of benefits depending on which NFT you hold. NFTs can be upgraded by wagering certain amounts.

For example, the High Roller $5,000+ Presale NFT offers holders:

50% staked tokens bonus from buybacks

10% casino credits 5x wagering

5% rakeback on house edge (with double for $TGC)

Seasonal rewards.

You can buy High Roller NFTs on Opensea by connecting your MetaMask wallet and using ETH or WETH to complete the purchase. There is a limited collection of only 310 NFTs if you want to get your hands on the VIP perks it offers.

The TG.Casino platform has seen huge growth since its launch on 28th September 2023. It‘s recently surpassed over 1000 daily users and $450 million wagered. The underlying token, $TGC, has also doubled in value since it was listed on exchanges. It’s emerging as a leader in the crypto gambling space.

These factors, combined with the utility of High Roller NFTs, are why the TG.Casino NFT collection is our choice for NFT token to buy in 2024.

2. HypeLoot – Earn Profit Share From the First AI-Powered Crypto Casino

HypeLoot is the first AI-powered crypto casino that already has over 150,000 users globally and earned over $1 million in revenue in 2023. And now, the team has launched their HPLT token in a presale where you become eligible for the Hypes NFTs.

Both HPLT and Hypes NFT holders will earn a share of the HypeLoots profit. Aside from passive income opportunities, Hypes NFT holders get additional benefits and utilities within the HypeLoot casino ecosystem.

Visit the HypeLoot token presale site and use ETH, USDT, or USDC to buy the HPLT tokens. Currently, this is the only way to get your hands on Hype NFTs.

Make sure to follow HypeLoot on X and join the HypeLoot Telegram channel for the latest information about the token presale and the project.

3.Frogana – Community-Driven Frog NFTS on Solana with Huge Trading Volume

Frogana is a newly launched frog-themed NFT collection that has quickly gained a cult following on X (formerly known as Twitter) and has been topping the trading volume charts repeatedly in 2024 since its launch.

IP rights are given to Frogana holders, meaning you can use your Frogana NFT for whatever you want. The creator, @ThinTallTee, has even issued character design sheets to help holders turn their NFTs into different forms of art.

The project is community-driven, with members creating things like 3D assets for others to use and the creator receiving no royalties. Frogana NFTs are available to buy and trade on NFT marketplaces like Solanart and Magic Eden. But you need a Solana wallet, like Phantom or Solflare, and SOL coins to make a purchase.

4. Tensorians — Popular PFP Collection From the Largest NFT Marketplace on Solana

Tensorians is a PFP collection of 10,000-pixel art characters from the largest NFT marketplace on Solana. This NFT collections popularity is because Tensorians earn points when staked and often get token airdrops just by being holders.

Tensorian had a tough 2023, with the NFT collection struggling to keep their prices up. However, the recent bull run has been favorable to the collection, and exciting developments in the Tensorian project meant that the collection came out on top in 24-hour sales in Solana in April 2024.

The project recently announced details of the long-awaited $TNSR airdrop and Season 4 of its project, which will allow participants to earn rewards by bidding, listing, and market-making on the platform.

Since this NFT collection is on Solana, you need a compatible wallet like Phantom, Solflare, or Backpack. Once you have it, connect your wallet to the Tensor NFT marketplace and purchase your Tensorians using SOL. The new season of Tensorians is shaping up to be its most exciting yet.

5.Mavia Land — Popular Play-to-Earn Game NFT Collection for Passive Income

Heroes of Mavia is an exciting new play-to-earn mobile game that is backed by popular Web3 companies, including Binance Labs, Animoca Brands, and Delphi Digital.

Mavia Land is a collection of 10,000 Ethereum NFTs that offer passive income when you stake them. This earns more ruby tokens than any other activity in the game. Note that rubies arent a crypto token but an in-game currency that you can use to trade land NFTs or craft items.

The game launched its MAVIA token in February 2024 and airdropped tokens to 100,000 players as well as Mavia Lands NFT holders.

Mavia Lands is currently available on OpenSea. Connect your Ethereum wallet, such as MetaMask, and use ETH to buy land. Make sure to have enough ETH in your wallet to pay the gas fees.

6.Gods Unchained Cards – NFT Play-to-Earn Card Game

Gods Unchained is a trading card game like Hearthstone and MTG but with a twist: Cards are NFTs. Because of the high transaction fees on Ethereum, the game uses ImmutableX, which is a Layer 2 solution on Ethereum.

Since the cards are NFTs, you have full ownership of your cards. This means you can sell them whenever you want to stop playing and maybe even earn a profit.

Buy Gods Unchained card NFTs on the Gods Unchained website. Connect your Ethereum wallet and use ETH to make a purchase. Alternatively, buy booster packs on the Gods Unchained Website after you open an account.

7.Dokyo — Popular PFP Collection on Avalanche

Dokyo is the largest collection on Avalanche with over $9 million in sales in the past 30 days. This is impressive given there are 5,555 NFTs in the collection.

One of its main features is that the collection was developed with an authentic Japanese studio to create the art. The team has recently announced loot boxes and airdrops for Dokyo holders in 2024, which could make it appealing to hold at least one of the NFTs.

Similar to most NFTs, the Dokyo collection is available for purchase on OpenSea. Connect your wallet and use AVAX coins to make a purchase, since Dokyo is on the Avalanche blockchain.

8.Star Atlas — AAA Play-To-Earn Game With On-Chain Economy

Star Atlas is a popular game on the Solana blockchain where you can send your ships to mine resources and craft items. These items can be sold on the game marketplace for USDC or Atlas, the in-game token.

Each of the ships in Star Atlas is an NFT, meaning you fully own your assets. Whenever you decide you want to stop playing, you can sell your ships and maybe even earn a profit. Expect three games in 2024: An AAA multiplayer racing PvP game in Unreal Engine 5, a move-to-earn mobile app where you level up crew member NFTs, and a browser-based resource extraction and combat strategy game.

Since the game is on Solana, you need a compatible wallet like Phantom or Solflare. Visit the Star Atlas website, connect your wallet, and browse the marketplace to find the right NFT ship for your needs.

9.Runestones – Bitcoin NFT collection made using Ordinals

The next NFT collection in our list is a little different. Runestones is a Bitcoin-based NFT collection made using the Ordinals protocol, a Bitcoin upgrade from 2023. This new upgrade made it possible to inscribe different kinds of data – videos, memes, text – onto Satoshi (the smallest unit of Bitcoin, 1 BTC = 100 million satoshis) as a Bitcoin Ordinal.

10.Axie Infinity — Multiple NFT Collections From the Most Popular Play-to-Earn Game

Axie Infinity is the original play-to-earn game that had massive success during the 2021 bull run when its tokens and NFTs peaked in price. Three years later, Axie is still one of the most popular NFT games with over 300,000 active players within 30 days.

The game has evolved since its early days, and now aside from Axie NFTs, there are land NFTs, accessories, runes, charms, items, and more.