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Documentary transaction

2024-03-25 18:19

Abstract: Documentary trading is an investment strategy in which one investor follows the trading activities of another successful investor.

Documentary trading is a new type of social investment method and an important investment portfolio management tool. Ordinary investors can follow the trading strategies of trading experts and automatically execute them in the market, easily earning excess returns; Trading experts attract followers and increase popularity by sharing their trading strategies. WikiTrade has officially launched a tracking function, aiming to build an efficient, transparent, and profitable tracking community, reduce transaction barriers for ordinary users, expand profit channels, provide traders with a platform worth tens of millions, provide targeted traffic support, and achieve multi-party win-win.


·One click order tracking, free lie down earning

·High quality and reliable trading experts, easy to follow orders without pressure

·Real time data display, grasp the dynamics of each transaction

Follow up process

1. Start following orders

Select preferred trader - click on follow up - set follow up amount and single follow up - complete

2. View tracking documents

Follow up homepage - My Follow ups - View Follow ups/Current Follow ups/Historical Follow ups - Complete

3. Modify tracking documents

Tracking homepage - My Tracking - Tracking Trader - Modify Tracking Settings - Complete

4. Exit tracking

Tracking homepage - My Tracking - Tracking Trader - Cancel Tracking - Complete

Frequently asked questions

Can anyone be tracked?

Answer: Yes, anyone can be ordered, and anyone can also order others.

2. I have been ordered, can I still order others?

Answer: Yes, anyone can continue to follow others while being followed.

3. Will the current warehouse position be affected after modifying the tracking settings?

Answer: It will not have any impact. After modifying the tracking settings, it will take effect on the next tracking opening.

When following a trader, will they follow the trader's position?

Answer: No, after following the order trader, only follow the latest opening signal from the trader.

5. Will there