About Us

Why choose WikiTrade?

We provide cutting-edge trading platform and flexible trading environment to ensure the diverse needs of global customers are met. With rich and extensive experience and expertise in global financial markets, we are committed to providing the highest quality contracts for difference (CFD) trading services, including forex, blockchain, commodities, and crude oil.

Our Mission

We are committed to satisfying our customers and earning their trust and loyalty. Reputation is closely related to credibility, both derived from our ability to provide services to meet our customers' needs and expectations. By constantly monitoring industry trends and technological innovations, we can meet the increasingly complex and diverse needs of our customers.


WikiTrade provides the most advanced trading platform for customers, with low-latency connections and excellent liquidity. We have extensive expertise and offer customer support in over ten languages worldwide, making WikiTrade the first choice for traders of all levels, no matter where you are. As a professional trading platform, we provide you with all the necessary resources and are committed to helping you achieve your investment goals.


WikiTrade has independent external audits to complement our business processes and ensure regulatory compliance.

Keep Secret

WikiTrade maintains the most appropriate controls over the company's internal and external transfers of confidential and sensitive customer information. WikiTrade will not disclose customer information, except at the request of the customer or as required by law.